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In this folder you'll find various Wiimmfi patchers.

autowiimmfipatcher is the Disc Patcher - a homebrew application that you start through the Homebrew channel to boot the inserted game with a Wiimmfi patch.

old-patchers is a folder that contains old, no longer supported versions of Wiimmfi patchers. Usually there is no reason to use these versions.

wiimmfi-bslug-module is a Wiimmfi module for Chadderz' Brainslug channel. If you're a developer who wants to use the Brainslug channel, you can use this module to Wiimmfi-patch your games.

wiimmfi-patcher is the generic ISO / WBFS patcher - use this if you want to patch an ISO or WBFS game image for Wiimmfi.

For more information about available patchers check this Wiimmfi page.

Note that if you want to post a link to a particular Wiimmfi patcher somewhere else, you can replace the version number with the string "latest" to get a link that will always be up-to-date. For example, a link to will always point to the most recent version of said patcher, no matter what version number that may be.